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Matters relating to the deposit process.

After registering in the Personal Area, you should contact the Institutional Repository team to request deposit permissions, through the email address

Non-Exclusive Distribution Statement

Upon delivery of the final work (doctoral theses, master’s dissertations, graduation conclusion papers and others) to the Administrative Services, the author must complete the declaration for dissemination in the Institutional Repository of the University Fernando Pessoa (UFP) and of the Fernando Pessoa School of Health (HSHFP).

Copyright – Sherpa Romeo

This tool allows users to consult the copyright and self-archiving policies of journals and publishers on the deposit of publications in the UFP and HSHFP’s institutional repository.

Deposit Policy for Institutional Repository

This document establishes the Deposit Policy applicable to the scientific and academic production of UFP and HSHFP, both with regard to peer-reviewed scientific publications (journal articles, proceedings and other publications), as well as graduation conclusion papers, master degrees’ dissertations, doctoral theses and other works resulting from the performance of the activities of its participants.


*Authentication in the Repository must be made using the user name at UFP/HSHFP and not the institutional email.