What is the Bibliographic Catalog?

It allows a varied number of searches, simple or extremely complex, depending on the user’s needs, by simply typing what is to be searched for or using the advanced search link, if the type of search is to be specified.

In this catalog you can find everything that can be physically found in Fernando Pessoa Foundation’s Libraries.

Link: http://catalogobibliografico.ufp.pt/pacweb/

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What is the Institutional Repository (IR)?

The IR’s mission is to preserve, disseminate and allow access to the intellectual production of University Fernando Pessoa and Higher School of Health Fernando Pessoa’s academic community.

Link: https://bdigital.ufp.pt/

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What is b-on?

The Online Knowledge Library (b-on) is an online library that provides access to the full text of thousands of journals and ebooks from some of the main international scientific publishers.

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How can I access the b-on search service?

You can have access to the b-on search service through the website www.b-on.pt.

Can I access b-on from home?

It is possible to access b-on outside University Fernando Pessoa (UFP) or Higher School of Health Fernando Pessoa (HSHFP) through VPN (Virtual Private Network).

To access the b-on at the UFP and HSHFP’s facilities, you only need to be connected to the eduroam network with your student/teacher/staff credentials.

If you are outside both campi, you must have the VPN tool installed on your personal computer.

You can download from the Manuals and Downloads‘ page of the Computer Center, selecting the option that best suits your case (Windows or Mac).

IMPORTANT: Whenever using b-on, you must connect the VPN and enter your UFP or HSHFP credentials (Registration number + Password).

If you have difficulty in this process, you can send an email (helpdesk.sic@ufp.edu.pt) to the Computer Center asking for help, or you can go there directly, during office hours.

Where can I make the Student Card and what is it for?

The Student Card is for students to identify themselves with the different services of the FPF, including with teachers whenever requested. Their presentation is mandatory at FPF’s Libraries, whenever you want to consult and/or request books. The card also serves to obtain discounts at institutions/companies that have specific discounts for students. Currently, cards are issued by the Portuguese bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD), and students can choose between a “simple” card or a card with an associated bank account – in this case the card serves as a Student Card and debit card. At the beginning of the school year, CGD places an employee at the UFP facilities to be able to receive student card requests.

I’m a student at University Fernando Pessoa/Higher School of Health Fernando Pessoa, but I don’t have a Student Card. Can I sit and order books at the Library?

In order to use the spaces and services of the FPF Libraries, it is MANDATORY to deliver the Student Card or the Library Card at the entrance.

In the absence of the Student Card, the Library has its own identification card.

To issue the Library Card, it is necessary:

– Passport photography (or photocopy);

– The last payment receipt (or a registration declaration);

– Present an identification document.

The card is free, but if you lose it, you will have to pay for a new one.

I am not a student at University Fernando Pessoa/Higher School of Health Fernando Pessoa. Can I sit and order books at the Library?

You can. You will have to ask for the Library Card to be issued at the service desk. It is necessary:

– Passport photography (or photocopy);

– Present an identification document.

If you want to borrow for home reading, you will need:

– To fill out an application form;

– To provide proof of address;

– Pay an annual fee – the amount is defined in the table in article 10 of the current Regulation.

The card is free, but if you lose it, you will have to pay for a new one.

How many books can I order and for how long?

3 books. The loan terms vary according to the different types of user, whose characteristics are defined in the table of point 9 of art. 10 of the current Regulation.

Is it possible to renew a loan?

Yes. It is possible to renew twice, as long as the work(s) in question doesn’t(don’t) have reservations by another reader.

How do I renew a book?

 The renewal can be carried out in person, by phone or by email (see Contacts), before the delivery deadline.

The Library issues daily notices via email, 1 day before and 1 day after the home loan has expired.

This notice is sent to the institutional email (registration nr/teacher or staff login@ufp.edu.pt) and you can request its renewal by replying to that email.

Are there any penalties for returning books after the deadline?

A late return implies the payment of a € 0.50 fine per day and per book.

Can documents be returned by other users? 

Yes. Anyone can return documents.

Can I return books by post mail?

Yes, but always by registered mail and a few days in advance of the return date of the work, in order to be received within the established deadline.

Can I use the libraries’ offices for individual study?

No. The offices available in FPF’s Libraries are accessible exclusively for group work, and occupations are not allowed for only one user.