University’s Hospital Library

Biblioteca HE-UFP

The University’s Hospital Library, located at Sala Ricardo Reis (ground floor), offers a collection of publications by the UFP’s Publisher, as well as several other books on different areas of knowledge.

All FFP’s employees and inpatient services’ users may borrow these books, for a period of 15 working days.

The loan service can be requested at CEFES (Office 2.05) or by e-mail at

logo _projeto leitura

The project “+Leitura, +Saúde” of the University’s Hospital Library aims at promoting reading amongst its hospitalised patients.

In its essence, it integrates another project “+Leitura, + Saúde: Voluntários da Leitura” (link to the document in Portuguese), which involves reading aloud different sorts of texts to all hospitalised patients at the Long-Term Care Unit and at the Convalescence, Rehabilitation and Maintenance Unit.

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Address: Avenida Fernando Pessoa, 150 | 4420-096 Gondomar

Telephone: + 351 222 455 455 (call for Portuguese landline)