Interlibrary Loans

The interlibrary loan service includes access to works that do not belong to FPF’s Libraries fund, but that can be borrowed from other national or foreign libraries and document centers.

It is intended exclusively for FPF’s internal users and its cost will depend on the amount charged by the entity to which the loan is requested.

The loan granted by FPF’s Libraries, except works referred to in point 7 of Article 10, must comply with the following rules:

  • Requests must be in writing, signed by the requesting library manager, and sent to FPF’s Libraries by mail or email;
  • The requesting entities are solely responsible for the damage caused to the works or the loss of the works provided by FPF’s Libraries, being subject in these cases to the penalties/indemnities foreseen in the Regulation;
  • The loan term is 5 (five) working days after its date of shipment;
  • The loan is granted for a maximum of 3 (three) simultaneous works;
  • The loan is free of charge for institutions with which UFP has signed protocols or has privileged relations, and the Library may establish amounts to be charged to third parties to cover the expenses related to the service rendered and the shipping costs;
  • The works sent by post mail must be sent in registered parcel;
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse the interlibrary loan to libraries that do not respect our Regulation or when the interests of FPF’s users may be harmed.

All books must be returned by registered mail.