The UFP Library’s collection includes:

Academic production (graduation essays, master and PhD theses) | Audiovisual documents (video tapes, CD-ROM, DVD) | Books | Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias | Journals | Maps | Psychological Evaluation Instruments

Most of the UFP’s collection is in open access and is organized by subjects, following the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC).

Each Library has different types of materials, according to study and research interests of the Faculties it serves.

The development of the collection was carried out based on 3 processes: a Purchase, a Swap and an Offer / Donation.

By Purchase

The acquisition is based on the bibliographic recommendations provided in the curricular programs of each discipline. 

The proposal of new titles (up to 3 references / discipline) is the responsibility of the documents and must be made through the completion of this MSWord document that must be sent to the email, after having the positive opinion of the coordination of the course of each subject. 

When selecting materials, they must not use works with publication data longer than 5 years.

By Exchange

The Library maintains an exchange system with various institutions. Permission may be executed at the request of documents, external entities or the Library itself.

By Offer / Donation

The Offer or Donation to submit a prior proposal to the Library.

How UFP Libraries can accept or decline donations based on the following requirements:

  • Analysis of the state of conservation of documents
  • Appropriate Holders / Formats
  • Age / Material Publication Data
  • Entire collections by space limits
  • Relevance and thematic adequacy