Offices and Group Study Rooms

All Offices and Group Study Rooms are for the exclusive use of UFP academic community.


Using the offices available at both Fernando Pessoa Library and Ricardo Reis Library requires reservation. Reservations are made at the Service Counter, by e-mail or telephone, no longer than 24 hours in advance.

Reservations are made per group and the occupation period is limited to 2 hours.

Once this period is over, and subject to availability, groups can remain in the offices, without reservation, until the librarian requests them to leave.


Upon arrival, each member of the group should present an identification card, preferably student’s card or other ID with name and a photo.

Having made a reservation, users have a tolerance of 15 minutes delay. Should the delay be higher than that, the group can loose its right to reservation.

Group Study Rooms

At the Physiotherapy Pedagogical Clinics Building there are two Group Study Rooms, where students can also work in groups.

Until 8pm, Room EC 2.3 is available and, from 8pm to 11pm, students can use Room EC 0.1.

Using these rooms doesn’t require reservation and is limited to capacity.

During occupation, students are responsible for the proper use, maintenace and cleanliness of the rooms.