Ricardo Reis Library

Located at the Pedagogical Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy Clinics Building is designated Ricardo Reis Library (BRR) since August 2012, following the regrouping of the libraries. Working in open access system it is organized according to the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC). It regards the UFP community, as well as any interested reader.

The documental repository consists of books, periodicals, academic works, audiovisual materials (distributed by various knowledge areas) and reference works, about the areas of scientific research, ethics, natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, genetics , biophysics, virology, microbiology, botany), medical sciences (anatomy, physiology, health and hygiene, public health, pharmacology, physiotherapy, pathology, clinical medicine, nursing, speech therapy, dentistry, surgery) and medical history.

The library has a reading room, with seating for 103 people, 3 posts for watching videos, work offices (with a capacity of 61 seats) and research stations equipped with Internet access, which are exclusive to UFP students and employees associated in group, in order not to disturb the environment of silence that must exist in the reading room. It has lockers, equipment, printing, copying and scanning in self-service system, and coverage of wireless network (wireless).

Opening hours during class periods:

08:00 – 20:00 (Mon-Thu); 08:00 – 18:00 (Fri)

Address: Rua Delfim Maia, 334 | 4200-253 Porto

Tel.: +351 22 5096371

E-mail: bibrr@ufp.edu.pt