Free trial: ASCEND da Harvard Business Review | until the 15th of June of 2020


It is available through EBSCO and until  15th of June of 2020, the resources from ASCEND da Harvard Business Review.

This is a learning platform available for students, it is an ideal partner to develop their softskills in order to make them be more successful in the professional field. The contant is available in multiple formats: short articles, videos, infographics, podcasts workabulary, tips, etc., covering 5 cores areas: jobs and careers, personal growth, working smarter, managing a team, and happiness at work.

To access ASCEND da Harvard Business Review contents, you must be connected to the University’s eduroam network and, if you are outside UFP campus, you must have installed the VPN on your computer.

 For more information:  HBR-Ascend-Flyer